About The Club

The CiSA Investment Club is the premier investment club at the Collégial Sainte-Anne.

Work Process

Launched in 2021 by students for students.

Launched in February 2021 by Collégial Sainte-Anne students Ryan Dollinger, Taha Ghaoui, Paul Octeau and Hubert Roberge, the CiSA Investment Club serves as the destination for young investors at CiSA regardless of experience.

  • New Club in 2021

  • Regular workshops and simulations organized throughout the semesters

  • Free membership for CiSA students

Our Team

team member
Ryan Dollinger

Health Sciences '22

team member
Taha Ghaoui

Health Sciences '22

team member
Paul Octeau

Commerce '22


Join our team, coming soon!

Club Events

A preview of the events promoted by the CiSA Investment Club

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Montréal Collegiate Investment Competition

With $1,000 in total prizes, the Montréal Collegiate Investment Club provides a unique experience to CÉGEP students regardless of their investing experience.

  • Largest competition for CÉGEP students

  • $1,000 prizes!

  • No experience required

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